Experience a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where time seems to stand still and tropical surroundings become your sanctuary. Each location, is only a few hours away from the U.S. and offers the very best investment opportunities in Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Our exciting Discover Paradise Tours give a taste of the life that awaits you when you become an owner of property in a tropical destination.

By getting your "boots on the ground" you'll get an opportunity to see and more importantly experience first hand, truly “once in a lifetime” real estate investment opportunities. They are value propositions that are unmatched, not only in these parts of the world, but perhaps in all of the world.  The only way to “do them justice” is to attend one of our Discover Paradise Tour and experience it all for yourself.

Tour Itinerary

Enjoy 5 exciting days and 4 relaxing nights with the Buy Paradise team. Included in your tour are all meals, accommodations and activities.  If you’re anything like our past tour attendees you’ll never want to leave after experiencing your tropical paradise first hand.


Tour Background